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Studying Nursing Online Advantages
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Studying Nursing Online Advantages


What do nurses do?

In the healthcare industry, nurses do just about everything. New nursing specializations and responsibilities are being created as the industry expands, so it’s hard not to find a nurse performing some sort of healthcare service. Critical care, emergency care, psychiatric care, home healthcare, as well as gynecology, dermatology, gastroenterology, urology and neuroscience are just some of the special fields that need nurses. Almost everyone has some sort of interaction with a nurse during their lifetime. A nurse can teach, manage and direct the operations in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. Sixty percent of the employees in a hospital are nurses. Nurses promote wellness through medical theory and modern clinical techniques and services. It is one of the most respected professions in the world.


Why should I choose nursing as a career?

The healthcare industry is expanding at an incredible rate. The Department of Labor recently released figures that show there is a major shortage of nurses. The figures show that in 2010 over 150,000 nurses will be needed to fill current positions and to replace retiring nurses. That figure jumps to 382,000 by 2015 and by 2020 the industry will need 800,000 new nurses. Hospitals now offer employment packages that can include signing bonuses and cash advances. The insurance, vacation and retirement benefits are above average and the pay is excellent. A first year LPN can earn around $37,000 without overtime. An RN earns over $50,000 and a nurse with a BSN can earn well over $55,000. A nurse with an MSN degree earns over $60,000 and a doctorate degree is worth around $75,000 depending on the hospital. The nursing profession makes a difference by caring and treating individuals, families and communities, so their quality of life improves both mentally and physically.


Should I study online or in a classroom?

The standard way to earn nursing certification has always been the classroom, but that is changing thanks to online study. Students are able to blend their work and family responsibilities with online study so they have more flexibility and more options. Online instructors give students personal attention through emails, chat rooms and forums and instructors are also available for video calls. Tuition costs are lower and there are no activity fees or other charges that are part of classroom study. Students who study online receive the same course material and are required to complete the same clinical work as classroom students. A nursing education online allows the student the freedom to study at different times, which eliminates the hassle of getting to same place at the same time five days a week.


Can I complete my clinical work online?

Classroom study offers theory as well as clinical work in the same location and some students need that structure in order to learn. Students who study online have more options when it comes to completing clinical work because local hospitals host visiting instructors that teach clinical courses. Some hospitals use staff nurses as instructors, which help students who need more time to complete the work. Mentors are also assigned to students when the clinical course material is more advanced so students can ask questions and share information. Video demonstrations are also available which means students can do some of the work at home. Online instructors use video calls, emails and chat rooms to answer questions and add information to the topic. Studying nursing online has all the benefits of classroom study plus some additional advantages, which give nursing students more time to complete the work and they save money in the process.


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